Annual Board Meeting November 20, 2022

The Annual Board of Directors meeting will be held November 20, 2022 at KJ’s Refuge in Big Lake, MN. The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers, confirm new BOD members and to set dues for 2023. The meeting will start at 11:45. We will not be accepting applications for the BOD at the meeting. If interested in applying for the board see below.

Applications must be received by November 1, 2022

The BODs sends our thanks to our paid membership for their continued support. To become a paid member and support our horse trails and horse parks please click Membership on the left side of this page.

Join the Board!

MTRA is always looking for new ideas and ways to improve our organization. Board positions are voluntary and we ask you attend 3 general membership meetings a year and 1 annual BOD meeting. 

Our BOD is dedicated to maintaining and developing horse trails and improvement to horse camps by working with the DNR, Local and County Parks. We are fortunate to have received the FRTP Grant for over 20 years which matches our dollars 3 to 1. We promote trail riding by offering 3 organized rides a year plus an adventure ride that is held out of State. 

If you’re interested in becoming a MTRA Board of Director, please mail in your application so that it is received no later than November 1, 2022 to be considered for a 2023 position. A BOD application can be found in our newsletter on page 5. For those who are not currently paid members but interested in becoming a Board of Director, please call Kris at 952 469 2851 for more info. Thank you!

The MTRA 2022 Round-up Rides are posted! We hope to see many of you out on the trails!

Photo: Lynda Zimmerman

Fall 2022 Adventure Ride!

We are headed to Duke, MO for our 2022 ADVENTURE RIDE! Check out the pictures on our FB Page from the 2021 adventure ride in SD and plan to join MTRA in 2022!

Special Note from Board Member Becky F.:  l’d like to give the riders going to MO a heads up on the bees. They are very bad this year from the dryness. Traveling in groups of 3 or more riders seemed to cause an issue. Please take along a wasp/bee spray fogger in your saddle bags. They don’t like the fog- it really works. If a rider is stung, make sure you have meds with you. I carry Zantac 150mg, Zyrtec or loratadine 20mg and Benadryl. A baking soda paste takes away the sting or pick up Sting Eze (found at Walmart). The nearest town is 30 min away and very little cell service. Please review with others the communication  plan if you come upon the bees. Be prepared for everyone’s safety.

Spring ride (completed) – Crow-Hassan Park Reserve in Hanover, MN. Crow-Hassan Park Reserve is known for its extensive 15.3 miles of horseback riding trails! Check out the park and follow us on our FB Page for more information.

Fall ride – (Completed) – Foothills Horse Camp in Backus, MN. This will be BEAUTIFUL fall riding! Look for photos on our FB Page!

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