2019 Grant for 2020 Projects

DNR Projects

Lake Maria State Park,  Manager  Tamara Simonich:

Requesting funds to repair sections of horse trails  deteriorated  from use and erosion. Also, widen some sections of trail to reduce user conflicts. Funds to be used for materials and Minnesota Conservation Corps. $5000                                                                                                                                                                  

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park, Manager Matt Feigum :

North Trail Rehab materials.    $2000               

Willard Munger State Trail System Projects,  Manager  Mary Straka: 

Funds to brush from Mission Creek  (Duluth) south to Buffalo House, brush from Willow River south to Finlayson House , kiosks and allowable usage signage on 82 miles of trail.   $5000         

St Croix State Forest , Manager  Rick Dunkley:

Funds to purchase culverts, gravel, rock for  Mallard Lake                           Trails-materials for  bridge or create low water crossing near Boulder  campground.   $5000

Sand Dunes State Forest, Manager  Tim Edgeton:

Aggregate for tie lines, 2 wheelbarrows, signage for                                             manure bunkers.  $600

Scenic State Park  Togo Horse Camp, Manager  Jack Pellinen: 

Wheelbarrows for Togo and maps for Togo and Stony Brook.                         $800

Wild River State Park, Manager  Kris Backlund:

Aggregate for tie lines.  $750

Zumbro Bottoms Campgrounds—Frontenac State Park , Manager  Jake Gaster:

Repair/replace damaged tie lines , aggregate for tie lines, wheelbarrows and manure forks, trees for common areas.                                                      $4400                                                                                                                           

 Sub total                                 $23550

Non DNR Parks

City of Becker,Manager  Bartt Gevens :

Pouliet Trail  signage and kiosk upgrades    $500

City of Big Falls  City Clerk  Joan Nelson:

Repairs to 6 picnic tables in horse camp.    $418

Chester Woods Park/Olmsted Cty, Manager  Tom Eckdahl:

Trail signage upgrade, trail hardening                                              material.           $1000

Lac qui Parle County Park, Manager  Bernice Oellien:

Upgrades to east entrance, west entrance and cemetery road so horse trailers/RV s can enter (washed out 2019)/aggregate               $9,000                                  

Renville Cty Parks  Beaver Falls/Skalbekken, Manager  Jesse: Diehn: 

Aggregate for horse ties &  around manure bunkers, contract to add water bars to control erosion on horse trails, aggregate for eroded trails, contract for tree & brush removal  on horse trails in both parks (user  complaints)   $6532

Stearns Cty Parks, Manager  Sarah Weed:

Aggregate to repair Dairyland Trail from mile marker 111 to                     mile marker 118. $5000


Grand Total                                    $46000